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Installing software into a GV I/O Live Ingest and Playback Server

  • The device on which you are installing software is in the SiteConfig system description and communicating on the control network.
  • The device on which you are installing software has its credentials set in SiteConfig to allow access.
  • The device to which you are deploying software must have their SiteConfig roles correctly configured.
  1. On each GV I/O device, manually install the following:
    • msxml.msi
    • Network_Driver_3PT51.exe
    • MLNX_WinOF2-1_80_51000_All_x64.exe
    • 391.58-quadro-winserv-2016-64bit-international-whql.exe
    • GVEngineInstaller-x.x.x.xx_vcxxx.exe
    • MPIcore-x.xx.x.xxx as follows:
      • Run the setup64.exe
      • On the GV I/O, go to C | Program Files | Grass Valley | MPIO Core and run reg_mpicore.bat
    • For SDI inputs, install AJA drivers below:
      • Run the ntv2driver-xx.x.x.msi
      • Run the UpdateAjaFirmware.bat
      • Power Cycle
    • For IP inputs, install the VyDriver-x.x.x.xx.exe
  2. Launch the SiteConfig application.
  3. In the Software Deployment | Deployment Groups tree view, select a deployment group.
  4. Click the Add button. The Add Package(s) dialog box opens.
  5. Add the following cab files to the deployment group:
    • GrassValley_GVIO_X.X.XX.XXXX.cab
    • GVEmbeddedSecurityManager_X.X.XX.XXXX.cab
    • DiscoveryAgent_X.X.XX.XXXX.cab

    Refer to the compatibility table in release notes for specific version numbers.

  6. If one or more EULAs are displayed, accept them to proceed. If you do not accept a EULA, the associated software is not assigned to the deployment group. SiteConfig adds the package to the deployment group.
  7. Verify that deployment tasks are set to Install for the files listed above.
  8. Run a Check Software on the GV I/O device.
  9. Deploy software to the server.
  10. Restart when prompted and log on to the GV I/O device.
  11. Save SiteConfig to push the configuration to the core server.

The Grass Valley AppService console application will start automatically when a user logs on to the GV I/O device.

Note: Ensure the Grass Valley AppService stays running during normal operation of the GV I/O device.
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