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Rack-mount considerations

When planning the placement of equipment in your equipment rack, bear in mind the following:

  • Ensure adequate air flow around the chassis to provide sufficient cooling. Operating ambient temperature will affect the amount of air circulation required to keep the system within its temperature limitations.
  • Ensure that safety labels located on the top of the unit are visible after installation. This requires sufficient open space over the unit without cables or other devices impeding the view.
  • If the system is installed with its ventilation intakes near another system's exhaust or in a closed or multi-unit rack assembly, the operating ambient temperature inside the chassis may be greater than the room's ambient temperature. Install the system in an environment compatible with this recommended maximum ambient temperature.
  • Ensure that the power socket-outlet is installed near the equipment and is easily accessible.
  • Ensure the rack is anchored to the floor so that it cannot tip over when the system is extended out of the rack.
  • Be sure to mount the system in a way that ensures even weight distribution in the rack. Uneven mechanical loading can result in a hazardous condition. Secure all mounting bolts when installing the chassis to the rack.

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