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Overview of channel window

The channel window on the GV STRATUS VTR Ingest user interface consists of channel lists, VTR source list, segment list buttons and list of clips to be ingested.

The Toolbar lets you perform common functions for recording clips.
Icon Function
Displays channel status—A green icon indicates status is OK; a red icon indicates a problem. Click on this icon to see status for the VTR.
Deletes the selected clip(s).
Clears the segment (batch) capture list.
Organize the segment (batch) capture list firstly by tape IDs, and then by mark in points.
Move up the selected clip in the capture list.
Move down the selected clip in the capture list.
Move segments within the same tape up in the capture list.
Move segments within the same tape down in the capture list.
Maximize display of the channel window.
Restore the previous display of channel window.
Each channel window lists clips that need to ingested on that particular channel and details of each clip can be seen easily as they are arranged in columns.
Column Description
Title The name of the clip. The number of characters in a clip name is allowed to exceed 32 characters. For more info, refer to Asset and bin name limitations.
Description The content description of the clip.
Clip Location The name of the folder where the clip resides in the media server.
GV STRATUS Security: Indicates the asset or bin has restricted access.
Duration The duration of the clip.
Mark In The mark points for the clip.
Mark Out
Time Source Control track (CTLTRACK), LTC, or VITC. Note: if using CTL, clip will not be frame accurate, instead it will be +/- 10 frames.
Owner The name of the person who marked the clip
Error Message Any error messages describing why the clip was not recorded to the server.
Use Handles Indicate whether handles have been added to the clip.
Tape ID The identification of the particular tape

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