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Launching GV Connect

  • K2 FCP Connect must be licensed
  • A K2 storage volume must be mounted
  • The project window (Browser) in Final Cut Pro must be active and contain a project or bin
  1. In Final Cut Pro select the project or bin. The project must be selected to enable the GV Connect selection on the Tools menu.
  2. Click Tools | GV Connect. The GV Connect window opens with the Import tab selected by default.

  3. Switch between tabs to accomplish your tasks, as follows:
    • Import tab: Access media, K2 8.0 sequences, and/or Final Cut Pro XML projects and sequences.
    • Export tab: Export edited content to K2 storage.
    • Send to Playout: Access GV STRATUS Rundown placeholders/rundowns, create associated sequences, and export sequences to K2 storage.

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