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Locating media

  1. Select the Import tab.

    The Import tab provides a browser to locate media.
  2. Select the browser tab for the type of media you are locating.
    • QT Mov – Select this tab to find QuickTime files.
    • FCP EDL/XML – Select this tab to find sequences, Final Cut Pro projects, or K2 exported XML.
  3. If desired, sort or filter media as follows:
    • Alphabetical – Sort view alphabetically A to Z.
    • Last Modification – Sort by last modified date on top.
    • Search – Filter the view by typing a keyword. This is especially useful when your folder contains thousands of clips.
  4. Click Refresh to view recently added media in the browser. If you add media while GV Connect is open, you must refresh in order to locate the media.
  5. Double-click media to preview. The clip loads in the preview window and displays clip metadata.

After you have located the media to edit, add it to your Final Cut Pro project using the Add to Project button.

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