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Exporting a sequence and linking to GV STRATUS Rundown

Using the GV STRATUS Rundown workflow, when you export a sequence to K2 storage, GV Connect automatically links the sequence to an GV STRATUS Rundown placeholder.

  1. Select the Send to Playout tab.

  2. In the Sequence to Send drop-down list, select the sequence you are exporting to K2 storage. The sequence can be either a sequence GV Connect created from a placeholder or a sequence that you manually created in Final Cut Pro.
  3. Access and select the placeholder associated with the sequence you are exporting.
  4. In the Select Send Profile list, select the location that is configured to receive the GV STRATUS Rundown workflow sequences.
    Note: You must export to a HotBin that is configured to place the media in the bin that GV STRATUS Rundown is monitoring.
  5. Click Send to Playout. GV Connect exports the sequence to K2 storage.
  6. If desired, click Unlock Placeholder to manage the lock status of the placeholder.

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