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MXF export behavior on K2 systems

Upon MXF export the K2 system checks clip structure for specifications as they apply to industry standard formats such as Sony XDCAM (SMPTE RDD-09) and Sony eVTR style (SMPTE ST 386). If specifications match, the media is exported as the appropriate format.

The K2 system allows you to override the MXF export behavior so that the exported MXF file no longer match the specifications for the industry-standard format. For example, you can export a clip containing more audio tracks than constrained by the specific MXF standard for the maximum number of audio tracks in a D10AES3 channel. If you export a clip with such an override, the K2 will generate a generic MXF op1a file (instead of the default D10 or XDCAM constrained MXF file).

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