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QuickTime interchange specification

This specification applies to QuickTime file transfer, import, and export on K2 Summit, Solo, and SAN systems.

The following are not supported:
  • Sequences and lists
  • Lists of mixed formats or containing empty tracks, such as tracks that do not contain recorded media
Formats are supported are as follows:
Supported formats Notes
Video DVCPRO25
DVCPRO HD Super Slo-Mo requires software version 7.1. x or higher
H.264 Playable on K2 Summit 3G system only. Can transfer to systems with K2 software version 8.x and higher.  
Avid DNxHD  
Apple ProRes  
Audio 48 kHz  
16 bit, 24 bit PCM
Data None
Interchange mechanisms are supported as follows:
Mechanism Support
File based Import Yes  
Export Yes  
FTP stream Import Yes FTP import (FTP put) of a QuickTime file is internally handled in two stages. The FTP put will result in the QuickTime file being internally copied and the FTP status will reflect the status of this copy. When the entire QuickTime file is copied, the K2 will internally import the copied QuickTime file and the imported file will then become available as a K2 clip.
Export Yes
Note: FTP get of a growing K2 clip (a K2 clip being recorded or imported) is not supported.

With a special export option, you can export a completed continuous (loop) record clip as MXF or QuickTime, with the result being a flattened stream file. Recording must be complete before you export the clip, however you can make subclips while record is underway and export the subclips. For this feature, MPEG-2 long GoP is not supported.

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