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Test proxy media generation

This test is valid for standalone K2 Summit systems. You can check the proxy media that the K2 Summit system generates. This can be helpful in troubleshooting situations where you need to verify that the proxy is available to other applications, such as the GV STRATUS application.

Use this procedure for test purposes only. Accessing proxy media as explained in this procedure is not supported for operational use.

  1. Verify that in K2 AppCenter Configuration Manager, a K2 Summit system channel is enabled for live network streaming and for recording proxy files.
  2. Verify that there is video available at the channel's SDI input.
  3. Verify proxy live network streaming as follows:
    1. On the K2 Summit system, navigate to C:\live stream.
    2. Identify the file that corresponds to the channel enabled for live network streaming. The file name is hostname_Cx,sdp, where x is the channel number.
    3. Double-click the file that corresponds to the channel enabled for live network streaming. QuickTime Player opens.
    4. View and verify the proxy video stream.
  4. Verify recording proxy files as follows:
    1. Navigate to the proxy location. On a K2 Summit system that has not been configured to write proxy elsewhere, the location is V:\proxy. If configured by applications such as GV STRATUS to write proxy elsewhere, navigate to the configured location.
    2. While viewing the proxy location, start recording a new clip on the K2 Summit channel enabled for recording proxy files. The K2 Summit system creates a new folder at the proxy location. The folder is named with a long GUID.
    3. Stop the recording on the K2 Summit channel.
    4. In the new folder, double-click the proxy.mp4 file. QuickTime Player opens.
    5. View and verify the proxy file.

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