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Windows Remote Desktop Connection

You can use the Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection application to make a remote connection to a Grass Valley system that runs the Windows operating system.

Take the following into consideration when connecting to K2 systems:
  • Before you can use the Remote Desktop Connection, you need network access and permissions to connect to the K2 system.
  • You can use either the name or the IP address to access the K2 system.
  • Do not use the Remote Desktop Connection to access the PC running the Control Point software or to access the AppCenter application; results may be unreliable.
  • Take care when accessing an online K2 system on which media access is underway. The additional load on network and system resources could cause unpredictable results.
  • Lack of robust video/graphic support can cause video display problems. Remote desktop connections can interrupt proxy and live streaming. AppCenter video monitoring is not supported through Remote Desktop Connection.

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