Other Topic Library Versions

Configure FTP Server Configuration page

This page appears only if the server has the role of FTP server.

Do not modify these settings. Leave at default values of Max FTP streams = 4, FTP Data Socket Timeout = 60, and FTP Port = 21. Only qualified Grass Valley personnel should specify other values, as these settings are intended for use only with custom systems designed by Grass Valley.

  1. Select MXF export type as follows:
    • 377M: Original SMPTE 377M style. Ensures compatibility with older products.
    • 377-1: Newer SMPTE 377-1 style.
    Refer to related topics in the "Configuring the K2 System" section of the K2 Topic Library for more information.
  2. Click Next. The Completing the Configuration Wizard page opens.
  3. Click Finish. The wizard closes. The server restarts.

Wait until all startup processes have completed before continuing.

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