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Playout on K2 Summit system

For a given frame rate, you can play SD clips of any format back-to-back on the same timeline. Both 16:9 and 4:3 SD aspect ratio formats can be played on the same timeline. Refer to video codec description earlier in this section for a list of the supported formats.

On channels with the XDP (HD) license, for similar frame rates (25/50 fps or 29.97/59.95 fps), SD material transferred or recorded into the K2 Summit system along with its audio is up-converted when played on a HD output channel. Likewise, HD material is down-converted along with its audio when played on an SD output channel. HD and SD clips can be played back-to-back on the same timeline, and aspect ratio conversion is user configurable.

The K2 Summit system supports mixed clips with uncompressed and compressed (PCM, AC3, and Dolby) audio on the same timeline.

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