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The FT server is a fault-tolerant server focusing on high reliability in terms of fault-tolerance, in addition to high performance, scalability, and general versatility. In the event of component failure on one CPU/IO module, its mirrored configuration on the other module will allow system control to be switched instantaneously to the other identical CPU/IO module to assure non-stop operation. This switching occurs seamlessly from the failed CPU/IO module to the other module, minimizing loss of data or application state. You can use the FT server series in a mission-critical system where high availability is required.

Grass Valley supplies FT servers at two performance levels. At each level, CPU, memory, and drives are configured to provide specified performance characteristics. Based on the performance required to support your small, medium, or large Grass Valley system, the appropriate FT server level is provided.

In addition, there is a Type I FT server and a Type II FT server. Each server type corresponds to a different generation of the base platform. Both the Type I FT server and the Type II FT server are provided at the two performance levels mentioned above.

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