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Standard features

The FT server system has two CPU/IO modules with dual module redundancy, offering continuous operation in case of a failure. It offers high performance, expansion options, and high reliability outlined in the summary below.

  • The system comes ready to use with quick connections for the duplex LAN, USB, and monitor connections.
  • The main enclosure is rack-mountable and the main components are easy to install.
  • The Fault Tolerant feature includes redundant hardware and software in one system with quick isolation of a failed module.
  • The two CPU/IO modules and their hard disk drives come mirrored from the factory.
  • High performance features include a powerful central processor and high speed Ethernet interface and disk access from SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) disk drives.
  • High reliability is achieved by a memory monitoring feature, bus parity error detection, and error notification.
  • Self diagnostics include a Power On Self-Test (POST) and a test and diagnostics utility.
  • An off-line maintenance utility is also available.

To make the best use of these features, read this Instruction manual thoroughly to understand how to operate the FT server.

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