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Service Program configuration

The FT server achieves the duplex system using the following service programs which are configured at the factory, in addition to dedicated drivers.

Service program names shown in Services:

  • ftSys eService (outputs SEL (System Event Log)
  • ftSys Maintenance and Diagnostics (MAD) (provides ft control management and diagnostic features)
  • ftSys RPC Provider (manages WMI configuration and status)
  • Windows Management Instrumentation
  • ftSys SSN (contols communication between modules, such as when executing an Active Upgrade)
  • SNMP Service
  • Alert Manager Main Service
  • ESMFSService
  • ESMCommonService
  • ESRAS Utility Service
  • Virtual Disk Service (vds)
  • DHCP Client

The above programs are necessary for the FT server operation. Do not stop these services.

When minimizing the number of operating service programs temporarily is required, the following service programs may be stopped:

  • ESRAS Utility Service

Make sure to restart the operations of stopped service programs immediately after the backup processes are completed.

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