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POST check

POST (Power-On Self Test) is a self-test function stored on the motherboard of the FT server.

When you power on the server, the POST will start automatically to check the motherboard, ECC memory modules, CPU/IO modules, keyboard, mouse, etc. It also shows startup messages for various BIOS setup utilities.

To view details of the POST, do one of the following:

  • While the POST is being performed, press the Esc key.
  • View the POST details from the beginning without pressing the ESC key when the BIOS menu appears. To do this, select System Configuration, then Advanced and set the Boot-time Diagnostic Screen to Enabled.
  • View the test items and details from a management PC where ESMPRO Manager is installed.

You do not always need to check the POST details. You will need to check messages when one of the following conditions exist:

  • Installation of a new FT server.
  • A failure is suspected.
  • Several beeps occur between the time of the power-on and OS start-up.
  • The display unit shows an error message.

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