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Power up

Power on the display unit and other peripheral devices connected to the server first.

Note: If the power code is connected to a power controller like a UPS, ensure that it is powered on.

Follow the steps below to turn on the FT server power.

  1. With the front bezel removed, press the power switch located on the front panel. Lift up the acrylic cover in front of the power switch, and press the power switch to turn on the FT server.

  2. Once the system has booted up, the GV logo should be displayed on the screen of the display unit. While the GV logo is displayed on the screen, the FT server is performing a power-on self test (POST) to check the unit. Upon the completion of POST, the OS will start.

    If the server finds errors during POST (power up self test), it will interrupt POST and display an error message.

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