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2.5 inch hard disk drives

The 2.5-inch hard disk drive bays in front of the FT server can mount up to 16 hard disk drives with the 2.5 inch width exclusive trays. All hard disk drives are installed and mirrored at the factory. Do not swap the positions of any hard disk drives.

The operation is executed on the created mirror volume with installed hard disk drive pairs such as slot 0 on CPU/IO module 0/1, slot 1 on CPU/IO module 0/1, slot 2 on CPU/IO module 0/1. (The OS is installed on the mirror volumes that consist of the hard disks in the slot 0.)

Hard disk drive slot locations are shown below.

Empty slots in the 2.5-inch hard disk drive bay contain dummy trays. The dummy trays are inserted to improve the cooling effect within the device. Always insert the dummy trays in the slots with no hard disk drives installed.

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