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Installation overview

The FT server must be rack-mounted. It is a precision device and should be installed only by qualified maintenance personnel.

Observe the following warning and cautions to unpack, install, and use the FT server safely:
  • Read and follow the safety section at the beginning of this manual. Failure to do so can pose a risk of a serious injury, such as a burn, personal injury or damage to physical assets.
  • A fully loaded FT server chassis is heavy; have at least two people available for installation.
  • This unit may be installed in a standard 19 inch tapped or untapped video rack or a standard 19 inch EIA IT rack.
  • Install the product in places designated by the specifications only.
  • Do not attempt to assemble or disassemble parts of this device alone.
  • Use caution to avoid injury to hands and fingers when installing.

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