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Install rack rail brackets in IT rack

The FT server chassis requires 4RU of space. Be sure to have another person help you to install the chassis, do not attempt to install it alone.

You will need the following hardware from the accessory kit to install the rack rail brackets to support the chassis in an EIA IT rack:
  • 2 rack rail mounting brackets
  • 4 washers for panhead screws
  • 8 plate screws
  • 8 panhead screws
  • 4 core nuts (not provided)
  1. Determine where in the rack you want to install the FT server chassis. If using an empty rack, install it in a lower position near the bottom of the rack rather than at the top to maintain balance.
  2. Next to a square hole on the rack, an imprinted mark indicates 1RU. This device is 4RU (about 176 mm), so install it between the imprinted marks that indicate the height of 4RU.

  3. If the rack has front and rear doors, read the instruction that comes with the rack, and open them.
  4. Install the rack rail brackets from the rear side of the rack with their flat sides facing in. Attach the brackets to the rack by installing the four panhead screws with washers just above the 1RU mark and just below the 3RU mark as shown below. Fasten the screws just enough to hold the brackets in place. Do not tighten them all the way.

  5. Install the four core nuts (not provided) to the front of the rack so the left and right sides are in the same locations as shown below.

  6. Install a core nut from inside of the rack. Hook either of the clips of the core nut to a square hole of the rack. then hook the other clip to a hole by a flat-blade screwdriver.

  7. Now go to the procedure for installing the FT server chassis.

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