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Install CPU/IO modules

This procedure explains how to install the CPU/IO modules into the chassis enclosure once it is installed in the rack. It is recommended to have two people available to do this procedure.

There are two CPU/IO modules in the system, Module 0 (in the top slot) and Module 1 (in the bottom slot). When you receive these modules from the factory they are identical (mirrored). Either module from the factory may be installed in the top or bottom slot. Both modules have their power supply and all hard drives installed.

Note: Upon power up, the top module will be automatically designated as the Primary and the module in the bottom slot will be designated as the Secondary. All hard drives installed have been mirrored at the factory. Once you have powered up the system, Primary and Secondary modules or any hard drives should not be swapped.
  1. Mount either module into the enclosure by sliding it into the top slot. As you slide the module in, press down on the side locking lever on the left side of the module so the module slides in past the locking mechanism. You will hear a click when the side locking lever engages.

  2. Once the module is all the way in, lift the front locking levers into position on both sides of the module up as shown below.
  3. Press the side levers firmly against the front face as you turn the screws to the right to secure the module in the frame.

  4. Repeat this procedure to install the bottom module. The resulting installation should look like the example below from the front.

  5. Install the front bezel as described in the topic describing this procedure.

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