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Installing rack rail brackets in tapped rack

The FT server chassis requires 4RUs of space. Be sure to have another person help you to install the chassis, do not attempt to install it alone.

You will need the following hardware from the accessory kit to install the rack rail brackets to support the chassis in a tapped rack:
  • 2 rack rail mounting brackets
  • 2 front flange adapters (ADAPTER-FL)
  • 2 rear flange adapters (ADAPTER-R)
  • 8 panhead screws
  • 4 panhead washers
  1. Locate the desired positioning of the FT server in the rack.
  2. On both sides of the rack front, line up the front adapter as shown below.

  3. Attach the front adapters to the front of the rack with the panhead screws provided on the left and right sides of the rack front.
  4. Attach a rear adapter to the rear of each rack rail.

  5. Attach the rear of each adapter/rack rail assembly to the left and right rear sides of the rack using the 4 screws and washers.

  6. Now go to the instructions for installing the FT serverchassis.

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