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Front panel LEDs

On the right side of the front of the unit are four LEDs that show the current system conditions.

The LED meanings are shown in the table below.

LED Name Function Description
System Power LED Indicates Power condition of system.

Green: System DC ON.

OFF: System DC OFF or AC OFF.

System Fault LED LED Amber is on or blinking if either CPU/IO module is broken. When LED is on, detail information is displayed on ExpressScope (LED panel that is visible when front bezel is removed).

Amber: Either CPU/IO module has a failure.

A CPU/IO module can not be brought up in case that CPU/IO module is not connected to AC.

Amber blinking:

It is difficult to distinguish a faulty CPU/IO module. For example, indicating a loss of synchronization. In this case, it is possible that both CPU/IO modules will need to be replaced.

When analyzing Ringbuffer, there is a possibility that the cause and faulty CPU/IO module can be found out.

System FT LED Indicates system is duplexing.

Green: Duplexing

Green blinking: Split operating by Active Upgrade.

Off: Running under simplex.

Off: LAN or FC function is not duplexing.

ID LED Pushing ID Switch, or demanding ID from remote. Blue: ID switch has been pressed.

Blue blinking: Demanded ID from remote.

Off: No demand.

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