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The LED indicators on the Ethernet LAN connectors are described below.


    The LINK/ACT LED shows the status of a standard network port. It is green if power is supplied to the main unit and hub and they are connected correctly (LINK). It blinks green while the network port sends or receives data (ACT).

    When the LED does not illuminate during LINK, check the condition and connection of network cables. If there is nothing wrong with the cables, a defect is suspected in the network (LAN) controller. In this case, contact Customer Service.

  • Speed LED:

    This LED indicates the network interface of the communication mode used by a network port.

    1000BASE-T and 100BASE-TX are the supported LAN port types. When this LED illuminates in amber, the port is operating on 1000BASE-T; when in green, 100BASE-TX; and when not illuminate, 10BASE-T.

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