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Setting OS Boot Monitoring in BIOS

Use this task as directed by other processes, such as the disk image recovery, or as instructed by Grass Valley Support.
  • When the FT Server is running the Windows Operating System, OS Boot Monitoring must be enabled to support the primary fault tolerant failover behavior in which one CPU/IO module takes the place of the other CPU/IO module.
  • When the FT Server is not running the Windows Operating System, such as when running from Acronis during a disk image recovery process, OS Boot Monitoring must be disabled. If enabled, the FT server continually reboots and disrupts the disk image recovery process.
  1. Power on one CPU/IO module. POST will be performed on this CPU/IO module.
  2. A message appears at the lower left of the screen (shown below), prompting for startup of the BIOS setup utility SETUP.

  3. Press F2 to start the SETUP utility, while the above message is displayed.
  4. Select the Server tab.
  5. Select Monitoring Configuration and press Enter.
  6. Select OS Boot Monitoring.
  7. Set to Enabled or Disabled, as appropriate.
  8. Press F10 to save and exit.

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