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Installing a hard disk drive

Follow the procedure below to install hard disk drives that have been removed from a faulty CPU/IO module and are being installed in the replacement module from the factory.

  1. Shut down the OS. The system turns off automatically.
  2. Remove the front bezel.
    Note: When installing hard disk drives into a replacement CPU/IO module, be sure to put the hard disk drive into the same slot that you marked on it when you removed it from the failed CPU/IO module.
  3. Unlock the hard disk drive.

  4. Firmly hold the handle of the hard disk drive and insert the drive into the slot.

    Follow these tips when installing a hard disk drive. Refer to the illustration above:

    • Insert the disk until the lever hook touches the server frame.
    • Check the direction of the lever. Insert the hard disk with the lever unlocked.
  5. Slowly close the lever. When the lever is locked, you will hear a clicking sound. Check that the hook of the lever is engaged with the frame.

  6. Press the POWER switch to power on. Original drives installed into a replacement CPU/IO module should require no configuration.
  7. Install the front bezel.

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