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Locating a failed hard drive

Use this procedure to locate a failed hard disk drive. A failed hard disk drive will be indicated by an amber DISK ACCESS LED on the hard drive handle.

To verify a disk failure, do the following:

  1. From Start, select All Programs, RDR, and click RDR Utility to start the RDR Utility.
  2. From the tree on the left pane of the RDR Utility, select each disk and check the values of MTBF: Current and MTBF:NumberOfFaults in the right pane.
  3. Refer to the table below, if either of the values is different from the normal value, the disk has an error.
    Property name Description Normal value (no error)
    MTBF: HardCurrent Mean time between hardware failures Unknown
    MTBF: SoftCurrent Mean time between software failures Unknown
  4. If an error is indicated, replace the hard disk drive.

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