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Storage device specifications

The FT server storage specifications are shown in the tables below:

Hard Disk Drives Type I and Type II Specification
Type 2.5 inch HDD (SAS 4 8TB, 5 x 600Gbs)
Capacity (maximum) 600GB x 5 in each CPU/IO module. Note that user area is reduced to half of the physical capacity due to software mirroring.
Hot-swappable Yes
Number of slots 8 (Slots 0-7) per CPU/IO module, 16 total, (number of slots used based on FT server model)
Slot 0, Drive 0 System disk
Slots 1-7, Drives 1-7 Data disks
I/F and RAID Type I and Type II Specification
Type SAS 3Gb/s RAID 1 (standard)
Optical Disk Drive Type I and Type II Specifications
Type DVD Super Multi x 1

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