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Configuring status translations for iNEWS

To ensure correct status reporting between GV STRATUS Rundown and iNEWS server, you need to edit the status translation table in the iNEWS configuration file.

  • The status translation table within the mosconfig.xml file should appear as below:
    			<statusUnavailable>NOT READY</statusUnavailable>	
    			<statusCued>STAND BY</statusCued>	
  • On the iNEWS server, your MCS dictionary (located at /site/dict/mcs) would typically contain these lines:
    A_EVERR                     /5ERROR
    A_CAFRZ                     /END
    A_CATREL                    /2STANDBY
    A_CATHRD                    /THREAD
    A_CACUING                   /2CUEING
    A_CACUED                    /2CUED
    A_CANOTAPE                  /4NOT READY
    A_CABIN                     /READY
    A_CAPLAY                    /3PLAY
    A_CAPAUSE                   /3STOPPED
    A_CAREW                     /REWIND
    A_CAEJECT                   /EJECT
    A_CAINCMPLT                 /TRANSFER
    Note: Since the statuses that appear in this dictionary can be customized, the values shown in the right column of your MCS dictionary may vary slightly from the ones shown here.
To ensure correct configuration with iNEWS, a sample of the mosconfig.xml file is provided in the appendix section.

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