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Creating an ActiveX Device for Octopus

You need to create an ActiveX device before using Octopus with GV STRATUS.

  1. Launch the Octopus client, and click the Devices button.

    The Devices page opens.

  2. Highlight the MOS ID for GV STRATUS.
  3. Click the Edit button on the toolbar.

    The Device window opens.

  4. Select the Plugins tab, and click Add.

    The Plugin window opens.

  5. Configure the device as follows:
    Option Setting
    Short Name User preference (e.g., GV Plug-in)
    Long Name User preference (e.g., GV STRATUS Plug-in)
    Size 800 width x 600 height
    Type Player (ActiveX)
    Version 1.0 ENPS
    Platform ActiveX
    Placement Modeless
    Implementation GV.STRATUS.1
  6. Click OK twice.

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