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Setting up ENPS for GV STRATUS Rundown

To set up ENPS for use with GV STRATUS Rundown, you need to modify your ENPS configuration.

  1. On the ENPS server, find the enps.ini file and add the following to the [ENPS] section:
  2. On an ENPS client, log on as the administrator and start up ENPS.
  3. From the ENPS folder, select System Maintenance | Groups | New and create a new group with these parameters:
    Description GV Clips
    Server Select the name of your ENPS server from the drop-down list
  4. Click Save and close ENPS on the workstation.
  5. Close the News Object Manager and it should restart automatically. After the NOM has started, restart the ENPS client.
  6. From the ENPS folder, select System Maintenance | MOS Configuration | New and create a new MOS entry with these parameters:
    ID The MOS ID; this value is case sensitive and must match the MOS ID configured in the XMOS Server Options. The recommended format is <family>.<machine>.<location>.<enterprise>.mos. Standard practice is to use station call letters for location and station group abbreviation for enterprise.
    Description GV STRATUS - for operation with GV STRATUS.
    GV Assignment List - for GV STRATUS Rundown operation only.
    IP The IP address or host name of the machine hosting the SDB Server and the XMOS Server.
    ActiveX GV.STRATUS.1 - for operation with GV STRATUS.
    GVG.XMOSCtrl.1 - for GV STRATUS Rundown operation only.
    Default Settings Leave blank. These settings are configured during installation.
    Program The group ID you configured in step 3.
    MOS Version 2.6 or 2.8.2
    Local DragDrop Off
    Auto Create On
    Story Send On
  7. From the ENPS folder, select System Maintenance | Global Configuration Options, add a new property named AddMOSObjDuration and set its value to 1.
    Note: AddMOSObjDuration is the optional setting that allows the duration of clips to be automatically included in the rundown timing. If you prefer to manually enter the duration of your story and clips, do not activate this setting.
  8. Add mp4 to the MOSBrowseMediaExtensions property, as can be seen below:
  9. Restart the ENPS client application.

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