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Configuring the standalone Assignment List Manager

The Assignment List Manager lets producers create placeholders for clips, assign or reassign placeholders to editors, and monitor clip status.

To configure the Assignment List Manager:

  1. Click the Start menu and select Programs | Grass Valley | GV STRATUS Rundown | Assignment List Manager. The Assignment List Manager appears.
  2. Click Options button .

    The Options window appears.
  3. Enter the following system information:
    Setting Options Description
    Database Server Enter the name of the server where the GV STRATUS Rundown database resides (primary SDB server).
    Backup Database Server Enter the name of the server for the backup GV STRATUS Rundown database (hot standby SDB server).
    Thumbnail Path Enter the full path to the shared thumbnail directory on the computer where thumbnails are stored, in the format \\server\foldername; e.g., if you have a shared folder named “thumbnails” on your playout system named “Playout1”, the path would be \\Playout1\thumbnails.
    Display Placeholder List; Rundown View Select Placeholder List to display placeholders in the Assignment List Manager or select Rundown View to display the list of rundowns. Both can also be selected to display placeholders and rundowns in the Assignment List Manager.
    XMOS Server Enter the name of the computer hosting the XMOS Server.
    Reset Columns Click the button to reset columns to their original placement if they have been rearranged.
    Allow Placeholder Deletion Check the box to allow placeholders to be deleted within the Assignment List Manager.
  4. Click OK.

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