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Setting General Options of SDB Server

Setting Description
Database Identifier Enter an ID for the database, up to 4 characters, such as your station call letters. All clip IDs will begin with this identifier. This is an optional field.
Mirror Server Enter the name of the computer hosting the backup database server. For the primary SDB Server, this is the system hosting the hot standby database server; for the hot standby database server, this is the system hosting the primary SDB Server.
XMOS Server Enter the name of the computer hosting the XMOS Server.
Video Standard Select your newsroom video standard: PAL, NTSC - Drop Frame, or NTSC - Non-drop Frame.
Database Backup Path Enter the path for the database backups.
Database Backup Interval Enter how often you want the database to back up automatically.
Thumbnail Server Specifies the name of the computer running the Thumbnail Server application (if used).
Thumbnail Path Sets the path where the thumbnails will be stored.
Being Edited Select the color that displays in the Assignment List to alert editors that a sequence is being edited.
Categories Lets you define categories for sorting and assigning placeholders. To add a category, click Add, enter the name of the category, and click OK. Categories appear in these locations: Assignment List Manager; GV STRATUS Rundown Clip Browser, and Assignment List in the GV STRATUS ActiveX Plug-in.
Durations Lets you set default estimated durations for new placeholders. To add a duration, click Add, enter the duration in the format hours:minutes:seconds:frames, and click OK.
Types Lets you define story types for placeholders. Two story types, SOT (Story on Tape) and VO (Voice Over) are default types. To add a story type, click Add, enter the type, and click OK.

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