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Setting Playback options

Setting Option Description
Channel Assignment Soft When a rundown is loaded, GV STRATUS Rundown does not assign channels to stories; clips will be cued to the first available channel.
Hard When a rundown is loaded, GV STRATUS Rundown assigns channels to all stories without a current channel assignment and maintains that assignment regardless of the available channels.
Space Bar Play Enabled Enables or disables use of the space bar to play the next cued clip.
Counter Mode Count Down Sets the clip duration counter to count time down from the clip duration to zero, or from zero up to the clip duration.
Count Up
Counter Display HH:MM:SS:FF Determines how the counter is displayed.
Stop Cue Delay Determines the amount of time to freeze a clip on its last frame before cueing the next clip on that channel.
Post Roll Stop When a channel is playing and Play Next is pressed, determines the amount of time that the clip continues to post roll before cueing the next clip to that channel.
Out Cue Preview Previews the last few seconds of the clip and immediately recues. (The number of seconds that previews is determined by your studio’s needs.)
Minimum On-Air Determines the minimum time that the On-Air GPI trigger must be on before releasing it will send the clip into post-roll and cue the next clip.
End Blip 1 and 2 Determines the amount of time prior to the end of a clip to display an audio/visual warning.
End Blip Stay On Determines whether the End Blip visual signal remains on once triggered, or just flashes momentarily.
Audible Countdown Sets an audible countdown before the start of a playback. Only .wav files are supported for the audible countdown setting.
Prevent Pause within X Seconds of Play Determines whether stop commands (through GPI input or mouse click) can occur within a determined period of time after the playing of a clip begins.
Prevent Stop Cue Delay on Post Roll Determines whether there should be a Stop Cue Delay duration when a clip goes into post roll mode by a play next command or tally off-air.

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