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Editing and GV STRATUS Rundown

News editors use the Assignment List Manager component of GV STRATUS Rundown to receive assignments from the producer and return completed assignments. The Assignment List tool in GV STRATUS application can also be used by news editors, producers, and journalists in the newsroom.

Editors create clips and sequences in the editing application and send them to a media server. A playlist is received from the NCS or a playback operator uses the clips in GV STRATUS Rundown to create a playlist, and then controls the playback of clips to air.

With GV STRATUS within the GV STRATUS Rundown, you can explore assets using the Navigator and Asset List panel. To quickly edit assets, you can also launch the Storyboard workspace which includes the Source Viewer, the Sequence Viewer and the Storyboard Editor. To use the GV STRATUS application within GV STRATUS Rundown, the STRATUS-ELITE license must be installed on the GV STRATUS Core Services server. For more information regarding licensing, refer to the GV STRATUS Rundown Release Notes.

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