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Connecting the RDU 1510 Under Monitor Display

A Remote Display Unit (RDU) can be controlled via GV STRATUS Rundown.

Use a cable that has a DB9 serial connector on one end and an RJ11 connection on the other. The DB9 end connects to the COM1 serial port on the back of the GV STRATUS Rundown, and the RJ11 end connects to the port labeled "Control" on the back of the RDU-1510. This is an RS-422/RS-232 serial communication port.

The RJ11 connector’s pinout is described in the table below. Pin 1 is at the bottom of the connector. GV STRATUS Rundown can be connected to either pins 3 and 4 for RS-422 or pin 4 for RS-232. When using RS-232, pin 3 must be connected to ground. The remote display unit does not transmit data to this serial port connector.
Pin Function
1 No connection
2 Ground
3 RS-422 non-inverted data or grounded for RS-232
4 RS-422 inverted data or RS-232 data
5 No connection
6 No connection

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