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Installing the Sealevel SeaI/O-410E GPIO Controller

GV STRATUS Rundown has been qualified to work via ethernet connection with the following device:

  • Sealevel SeaI/O-410E GPIO Controller
  1. Download and install the Sealevel GPIO SeaI/O-410E device software from the Sealevel download page.

    The Software Installation window appears and the driver software installs automatically.

  2. Go to Start | Programs | Sealevel Systems - SeaMAX and launch the MaxSSD application.
  3. Click the COM Port drop-down list and select Ethernet.

    The configured IP address of the device appears on the right of the Host PC Configuration tab.

  4. Select the IP address.

    The selected IP address automatically populates after a connection verification process.

    The Module Configuration tab appears.

  5. Go to the Module Configuration tab and select the configured Slave ID of the device.

  6. Click on the Get Module Settings button to get the device settings.
  7. Go to the Digital IO tab and set the Bank Selection setting to 3-4 from the drop-down list.

  8. Under Digital Outputs setting, set Bit 1, Bit 2, and Bit 5 to ON.
  9. Click the Close MaxSSD button to close the application.
  10. Relaunch the GV STRATUS Rundown application.
  11. Go to Tools | Options and select the GPIO Configuration tab.
  12. Select Ethernet for the Device Type, set the IP Address, Slave ID, and select the Enable General Purpose Output check-box.

Now you can configure the GP Output and use the Sealevel SeaI/O-410E GPIO device to control the playout channel.

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