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About GV STRATUS Rundown

GV STRATUS Rundown is a playback control system that controls media servers for live playback. It includes tools to integrate the program production workflow between a media server, editing application, GV STRATUS media workflow application framework, and optionally a newsroom computer system.

GV STRATUS Rundown is compatible with these systems:
Media Server K2 Media Server and Media Client
K2 Summit 3G Production Client
GV I/O Live Ingest and Playback Server
Editing Application Apple Final Cut Pro
Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC
Avid Media Composer
EDIUS Workgroup and EDIUS XS
Storyboard Editor tool in GV STRATUS
Media Workflow Application Framework GV STRATUS Media Workflow Application Framework
Newsroom Computer System Associated Press Electronic News Production System (ENPS)
Avid Technology iNEWS
Octopus Newsroom
Annova OpenMedia
Evoxe NIS5
Netia Media
Ross Inception

By using GV STRATUS Rundown with a media server for server playout in live programs you can effectively replace four to six tape machines, depending on your media server. GV STRATUS Rundown displays each channel simultaneously and you can control playout with a keyboard and mouse, or with GPI buttons.

GV STRATUS Rundown consists of five software components:

  • GV STRATUS Rundown application
  • Assignment List Plug-in
  • Assignment List Manager
  • SDB Server
  • XMOS Server

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