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Terms You Should Know

To use GV STRATUS Rundown effectively and efficiently, you should become familiar with terms that are frequently used.

Term Definition
Clip A piece of media you can edit, containing video, audio, or both. Once a sequence is sent from EDIUS XS or GV STRATUS client to a media server it becomes a clip again. All clips and subclips merge into one clip.
Logical Asset Combination of the GV STRATUS database information, metadata, physical assets or assets on the server, and proxy assets.
Metadata Data about data; it can include keywords, timecode information, and other terms that help you find a particular asset.
Physical Asset The raw program material, such as video or audio.
Placeholder An item (in the GV STRATUS Rundown Assignment List Manager or the GV STRATUS Assignment List) reserved for a clip that doesn’t yet exist or is not complete. Clips are linked to a placeholder in NCS rundowns or via GV STRATUS ActiveX Plug-in.
Proxy A low-resolution clip that represents high-resolution material.
Script The textual information for a news story in the newsroom computer system (NCS) rundown. Scripts can also reference electronic media, such as clips from a media server.
Sequence Edited media, consisting of pointers to different clips and subclips edited using the EDIUS XS or GV STRATUS application.
Story The story — a collection of clips, sequences, and scripts — is the complete news segment that plays to air.

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