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Linking to a Newsroom Computer System (NCS)

The most efficient way to use GV STRATUS Rundown is with a MOS-compatible newsroom computer system.

The producer uses the newsroom computer system to create rundowns for news shows, and links clips to rundown scripts. After the clips are complete, control room personnel use GV STRATUS Rundown to play out the clips to air.

A typical newsroom workflow using a newsroom computer system (NCS) is:

  1. The news producer creates a rundown using NCS.
  2. The news producer uses the Assignment List in GV STRATUS ActiveX Plug-in to:
    • Create placeholders for scripts that require clips
    • Assign placeholders to editors
    • Link placeholders to scripts in the rundown
  3. The news producer assigns playback channels within the NCS rundown.
  4. The news editor creates sequences for assignments.
  5. The news editor uses the GV STRATUS Rundown Assignment List Manager to:
    • Receive assignments from the producer
    • Create additional clip placeholders
    • Reassign placeholders to other editors
  6. Control room personnel use the main GV STRATUS Rundown application to:
    • Open the producer’s rundown playlist
    • Assign clips to specific channels for playback
    • Rearrange, insert, or delete clips prior to broadcast if necessary
    • Play back clips during the news broadcast

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