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About the Playlist overview

The playlist overview displays a subset of the playlist columns, allowing you to scroll to other parts of the playlist without disrupting the view in the main playlist window.

The Playlist Overview window shows clip’s status, page and clip name.
Column Description
Status Displays the status color of the clip: Black — The clip has not yet been cued. Yellow (Cued) — Clip is cued to a specific channel and is ready to play. Green (Roll) — The clip is playing to air. Gray (Played) — The clip has finished playing. Orange (Stopped) — The clip has been manually stopped during play. Red Square — Clip not ready for playback.
Page Corresponds to the page of the ENPS or Octopus rundown. This column is blank if you are not using ENPS or Octopus with GV STRATUS Rundown or if your Producer didn’t choose the Freeze Page Numbers option in ENPS.
Clip Name Displays the clip name.

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