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About Playout channels

The channel area displays all channels available on your system.

You can perform the following functions for each channel.
Icon Function

Plays the current clip in the channel. If a clip is playing, clicking this button pauses the clip; click it again to resume playback.

Recues the current clip.

Cues the previous clip in the channel.

Cues the next available clip.

Loops playback for the current clip.

Sets a Mark In point to begin trimming the clip. A Scissors icon appears next to the clip name in the playlist to indicate a trimmed clip.

Sets a Mark Out point to end trimming the clip.

Clears both the Mark In and Mark Out points from the clip.

Previews the last few seconds of the clip and immediately recues. (The number of seconds that previews is set under Options and determined by your studio’s needs.)

This symbol indicates that a GV STRATUS Rundown channel is no longer connected to its corresponding channel on the media server.

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