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About Rundowns

The rundown area displays the open rundowns and their status, a list of available rundowns, server status, and control buttons.

You can open up to five rundowns at once; all open rundowns merge into a composite playlist, allowing seamless control of back-to-back rundowns.

Clicking Date toggles a calendar which lets you filter the display of rundowns to a specific date.

Selecting a rundown from the rundowns list selects all clips in that rundown in the playlist area.
Icon Function

Opens the selected rundown and creates a playlist.

Appends the selected rundown to the end of the current playlist.

Removes the selected rundown from the playlist.

Indicates the connection status between GV STRATUS Rundown and the XMOS Server; green indicates a successful connection.

The status displays READY when the “MOS Ready to Air” property is enabled for a rundown through ENPS or Octopus. The Status column is not used with iNEWS; the column can be resized off of the screen if desired.

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