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About GV STRATUS Rundown Toolbar

The GV STRATUS Rundown Toolbar lets you access common features.
Icon Function Other Ways to Access...

Creates a blank playlist. File | New Playlist or Ctrl + N

Opens a saved local (.pls) playlist. File | Open Playlist orCtrl + O

Saves the current playlist as a local (.pls) playlist. File | Save Playlist orCtrl + S

Cuts selected clips from the playlist to the clipboard. Edit | Cut or Ctrl + X

Copies selected clips from the playlist to the clipboard. Edit | Copy or Ctrl + C

Pastes clips from the clipboard into the playlist. Edit | Paste or Ctrl + V

Opens the Clip Browser, so you can add clips to the playlist. Ctrl + I

Cues all channels specified in the automatic channel assignment starting with the currently selected story.

Plays the next clip in the playlist. Spacebar (if enabled) and external GPI

Stops playing all clips.

Puts the GV STRATUS Rundown application into Archive Play mode, which lets you archive stories to tape.

Re-syncs the GV STRATUS Rundown playlist with the NCS when sync has been broken with the NCS rundown, such as by reordering stories.

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