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Using the context-sensitive playlist menu

Several GV STRATUS Rundown features are available by right-clicking in the Playlist window.
Menu Item Description
Assign to channel_name Assigns the selected clip to channel_name for playback. Choose Tools | Options | Channel Configuration to change channel names; you may configure up to six channels.
Unassign Clip(s) Removes the channel assignment from the selected clip(s).
Mark Played Marks the currently selected clip(s) as played.
Unmark Played Removes the played status from the currently selected clips.
Unmark All Played Removes the played status from all clips marked played.
Chain Clips Chains two or more selected clips together for continuous playback.
Unchain Clips Unchains the selected clips.
View Asset Displays the low-resolution proxy of the selected clip.
View Properties Displays the properties of a selected clip.

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