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Adding new clips to a playlist

Occasionally, you may need to add a news clip directly to the playlist if you aren’t able to add it to the NCS rundown first.

However, doing so breaks the link between GV STRATUS Rundown and the NCS rundown, and the Sync button on the toolbar flashes to indicate that the playlist is not synced anymore. In that case, you won’t see any subsequent changes made to the NCS rundown.

  1. If the Clip Browser isn’t open, click the Clip Browser button .

    The Clip Browser appears, displaying all available clips.
  2. Drag a clip into the Playlist window. To append the clip to the bottom of the playlist, drag the clip onto the scroll bar at the bottom of the playlist window. The clip appears in the Playlist window and the Playlist Overview window.
  3. Continue adding clips to the playlist as necessary.

To re-link the GV STRATUS Rundown playlist with the NCS rundown, click the flashing Sync rundown icon on the GV STRATUS Rundown toolbar. You will be prompted to save changes as a local playlist before re-syncing.

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