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Assigning clips to channels

If you don’t specify a specific channel for a clip, the system automatically assigns it to the next available channel. Channels can be set to be in rotation when you configure your Playout channels.

Right-click on a clip in the playlist and select Assign to “X”. New channel assignment appears on the Assign column.

For instance, you may have a small clip that you want to play in between two longer clips to create a smooth transition. So, you can assign the small clip to a specific channel.

Note: If you are using an NCS, you should assign channels through the NCS instead of using this method.

You can remove the clip assignment by right-click on the clip and select Unassign Clip.

All clips that are unassigned to specific channels will be cued to any channels in rotation, while a clip that is assigned to a specific channel will only be cued to that channel regardless of the current rotation status.

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