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Distribute devices into deployment groups

If you have not already done so, configure your deployment groups. The recommended deployment group distribution is as follows. Depending on your system design, your system might not have all the device types listed.

Add your GV STRATUS Rundown Server(s) and GV STRATUS Rundown clients to the deployment group.

In a deployment group named "GV STRATUS Rundown", place the following devices:
  • GV STRATUS Rundown client PC connected on the corporate LAN for low-resolution (proxy) workflow
  • GV STRATUS Rundown client PC connected on the media (iSCSI) network for high-resolution workflow
  • GV STRATUS core server with roles as follows:
    • GV STRATUS Rundown Server Components
    • GV STRATUS Rundown Hot Standby SDB

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