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About GV STRATUS Rundown software licensing

If you want to use GV STRATUS Rundown, you need to install the STRATUS-ELITE license on the GV STRATUS Core Services server. The GV STRATUS Rundown application checks for the STRATUS-ELITE license in order for you to operate in GV STRATUS environments.

Licenses are requested through email and managed through the SabreTooth License Manager, which is installed on the Grass Valley product with the Grass Valley software. The SabreTooth License Manager must be located on the Grass Valley product.

Due to the fix to Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, GV STRATUS Rundown no longer supports connecting to a remote SabreTooth License Manager if you are not connected to the GV STRATUS Core server. GV STRATUS Rundown users with remote licensing should procure the license and install it in the local SabreTooth License Manager.

License information is stored in XML files that you can manage just like any other file on your system. Node-locked licenses are unique to the system for which they are requested and cannot be used on any other machine. A floating license can be used on multiple machines, one at a time. You should back up the license text files to a separate drive or as part of a recovery image.

Licenses are based on your system’s unique identifier, which is partially derived from your system’s Media Access Control (MAC) address. If you change your system’s MAC address by performing operations such as changing the System Processor card, you must obtain a new license based on the new MAC address.

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