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GV STRATUS Rundown Version 8.0

  • OpenMedia NRCS support — Support for MOS integration with the Annova OpenMedia News Room Computer System.
  • New setting in Cue and Chain options — With the new Prevent Auto Recue above first cued item setting in the GV STRATUS Rundown application, you can avoid automatic recue of clips above the first cued clip in the playlist. However, clips can still be cued manually above the first cued item by operators. Refer to the this Topic Library for more information about this setting.
  • GV STRATUS ActiveX Plug-in — GV STRATUS ActiveX Plug-in is available within the GV STRATUS Rundown application. With the plug-in, playback operators can search, add, edit assets for broadcast, and preview assets via the Source Viewer or the Inspector without taking up a channel on the playout server. In order to use GV STRATUS within GV STRATUS Rundown, the STRATUS-ELITE license is needed on the GV STRATUS Core Services server.
  • New GV STRATUS Database setting in SDB Server — With this new setting, GV STRATUS database can be accessed via the GV STRATUS ActiveX Plug-in within GV STRATUS Rundown, and proxy paths of assets are available to the newsroom computer system.
  • Documentation for this release — In addition to these release notes, use the following document for this release of GV STRATUS Rundown software:
    • GV STRATUS Rundown User Manual v8.0 — 071-8516-07 — April, 2013

    You can search for the document at //www.grassvalley.com/docs.

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